Published: Sat, September 03, 2016
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11 civilians killed in airstrikes in northern Yemen

11 civilians killed in airstrikes in northern Yemen

That is the war in Yemen.

The office also "documented recurrent attacks striking civilians and civilian objects, including in residential areas" by rebels, the report said.

Kerry also met with officials from the Gulf Cooperation Council to discuss the new peace drive.

The failure of UN-brokered Yemeni peace negotiations in Kuwait which ended on 7 August is unlikely to lead to either side breaking the stalemate on the ground in north Yemen in the three-month outlook.

The Houthis and forces allied to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh seized Yemen's capital, Sanaa, in September 2014, forcing the internationally recognized government to flee the country.

Saudi-led coalition forces, which have been combating the Houthis since March 2015, have repeatedly been accused of killing civilians. The fighting also resumed across borders between Yemen and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If this proves true, a direct attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities could have an impact on oil production from OPEC's kingpin. It was the fourth time an MSF facility had been hit by an airstrike since the war began and one of dozens of schools and hospitals that the coalition has hit, many of them hundreds of kilometers from the frontlines of the war.

"We managed to come out with a vision related to a roadmap for Yemen, which the United Nations envoy had discussed with us so there will be clarity on the final settlement which the United Nations envoy will discuss with the Yemeni parties", Jubeir told the news conference. However, Kerry stopped short of asking the rebels to meet those requirements before the formation of the new government, a key demand of the exiled politicians.

AFP 2016 AHMAD AL-RUBAYEDecisive Rebuff? Iraq Sends Military Forces to Border With Saudi Arabia
AFP 2016 AHMAD AL-RUBAYEDecisive Rebuff? Iraq Sends Military Forces to Border With Saudi Arabia

"The multilateral meeting on Yemen is created to share ideas and initiatives for getting the political discussions back on track and trying to get a political solution", the official said.

The secretary of state also criticized the global response to the crisis in Yemen.

Kerry announced another 189 million dollars allocated for the Yemeni population, highlighting that the U.S. is already the leading donor country.

Since Saudi Arabia launched its war against Houthi rebels in Yemen in March a year ago, there have been almost 9,000 casualties including 3,218 civilians killed according to estimates by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. That clearly has not worked, Zeid says.

The UN high commissioner for human rights earlier called on the worldwide community to "refrain from encouraging or arming parties to the conflict".

"It isn't just about casualties, but really about a devastating humanitarian crisis that is threatening people's access to food and health care", she said. In addition, this new funding will provide critical protection, shelter, and other assistance for Yemeni refugees in the Horn of Africa.

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