Published: Fri, August 26, 2016
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Tesla Model S P100D 'quickest' in the world

Tesla Model S P100D 'quickest' in the world

Tesla said the powertrain remains just the same though there are some improvements meted out to the cooling elements and the electronics. "In the future, people are really going to look at gasoline cars in the same way we look at steam engines today: They're quaint, but it's not really how you get around". The Wall Street Journal reports the 100 kilowatt-hour battery gives the vehicle maker a range unmatched by major auto companies; it's the first to push past the 300-mile mark.

Tesla versus the worlds's fastest supercars. Even its seven-seat SUV beats the McLaren 675LT.

It can feel hard to support your head and shoulders if you first don't lean back on the headrest.

Buried somewhere between longer range and furious acceleration (and resulting "meh" by the collective automotive journalism brain trust), Tesla on Tuesday nudged up the price of its Autopilot feature.

Included here is a chart that shows how Tesla ranks in speed and price among the world's elite. Though, we suspect that the P90D will slowly be phased out with the latest and greatest performance model now available.

In his informative style, Jason breaks the fastest possible 0-60 miles per hour time down for us in this roughly 7-minute video.

While there has been much speculation about an upgraded Autopilot 2.0 system, the price hike doesn't seem to bring any new hardware or features.

Musk said the packs are reaching performance and capacity limits for the current generation of cells.

And if you're not at all interested in the added power but own Tesla stock, you'll be happy to know that the markets reacted positively to the new battery pack. This week the company staked its claim to having what is now the fastest production vehicle ever manufactured in history.

However, there are some caveats offered at the same time by the Californian manufacturer.

While there was a lot of attention on the announcement of the new 100 kWh ludicrous Model S and X battery yesterday, it was also an important day for Tesla in the land down under with the official release of the quickest SUV in Australia.

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