Published: Thu, August 11, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Special presents for gamblers

Special presents for gamblers

Is it your friend’s birthday coming soon? Or maybe it is an anniversary of your wedding? What about Christmas or Easter, Independence Day or St. Valentine’s holiday? If your close relative, friend, or even boss at work is a gambler in live casino, we can give you nice advice of what present he will be happy to see.

Bonus coupons for online poker

Live casino gamblers can send an invitation to their friends to the casino live game, and the casino will pay an extra bonus that can reach several hundred dollars.

Poker chips

An indispensable element of the game of poker is a poker chip. If you believe that your friend does not have them, feel free to give it - he will be happy. A good set of 500 chips will cost you about $ 40.


Book is a timeless gift. Today in bookstores you can find a lot of very different books on the subject of gambling, written by professional players. After reading this book, your friend will receive an experience that the authors are accumulating for years, and know the secrets of a successful game in live casino.

Dice Table

Poker is very popular among gamblers, but many players prefer it to the dice game, for which they also need a special table. You can purchase it on the internet. Good table for the dice game costs about $ 4000, but in anticipation of the holidays, it is possible to get this present cheaper by 50%.

Texas Hold'em Table

A great gift for fans Texas Hold'em poker game will become a special table for this activity, produced by a special company. They have a great popularity among players.

A set of programs for video poker

For fans of video poker today, there are many types of software that can inform the player about the various events, how to prevent error, and suggest coups.

Software for counting cards on the iPhone

There are many excellent programs for iPhone owners that increase the chances of winning in poker in live casino. But do not forget that in many gambling halls to use them is strictly prohibited, and in the US it can be considered as a criminal offense.

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