Published: Mon, August 15, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Rio Olympics 2016 swimming pools turned green because of hydrogen peroxide dump

Organisers have finally come clean about what caused an Olympic pool to suddenly turn green last week, and the answer is likely to prompt a chuckle from swimming pool owners. Hello again, blue. Hope you can stick around awhile.

The diving pool water also turned an unappealing shade of green on Tuesday during the women's 10m synchronised diving event.

A press conference was then held on Saturday and Olympic officials gave another reason as to why the water in the pools was turning green.

But divers were training as expected Monday morning.

Hydrogen Peroxide. Officials organizing the Games said a contractor had erroneously put 80 litres of Hydrogen Peroxide into the pool which neutralised the chlorine.

As a effect, the electronic system that controls the amount of the chlorine in the water was "confused".

In the past week, several water players have complained about how much their eyes have stung during matches.

The platform was wrecked because of weather conditions two days before the 10-kilometer women's race.

Nascimento said 10 hours will be spent draining and replacing the water in the pool that will be used for the synchronised swimming event, which begins on Sunday, where competitors need to see each other under water.

In a "radical" step, 3.73 million litres (985 000 gallons) will be replaced at the 50m water polo pool, which hosts synchronised swimming from Sunday.

Despite the green color, officials have maintained throughout that the water does not present any health risk to its entrants. The dirty water removed from the green pool will be disposed at the city's sewage system, which is already under scrutiny for waste being pumped into waters used for rowing, canoeing, sailing, triathlon, and open water swimming.

"Of course it is an embarrassment because we are hosting the Olympic Games, the world is here, the best athletes are here, so the water comes to be an issue", he said. "We learned painful lessons the hard way". After the diving pool was closed for a scheduled practice session Friday, Germany's Patrick Hausding posted a couple of pictures, one holding his nose with the caption "Good morning from the green lake!"

'We are going to grab the water from the warm-up pool, drain the water out of the competition pool and insert the water from the warm-up pool into the competition pool.

As the Games reach their midway point, the list of sporting achievements in Rio is growing, from a slew of world bests by the all-conquering US swimmers to the performance of the first-ever refugee team at the Games, and successes in the velodrome dubbed a "world record factory" by organizers.

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