Published: Tue, August 02, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Police stop bus on Dutch highway after man makes bomb remark

Police stop bus on Dutch highway after man makes bomb remark

Dutch Police check the ID of a woman at the area of Nuclear Security Summit in Hague, the Netherlands, March 22, 2014.

A man was arrested on the A4 highway towards Schiphol on Monday morning for making a bomb threat on a tour bus, the police said in a statement.

However, a Dutch police spokeswoman said the confused man yelled "Bomb!" while on the bus.

The man, who took off his clothes, was held at gunpoint by the side of the highway while the bus was searched.

After a stop of around one and a half hour the passengers got in the bus again and the bus driver continued his way to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The checks have reportedly caused large traffic jams near the airport.

The statement described the additional measures as both "visible" and "invisible", explaining that passengers would see more officers inside the airport.

Dutch military police, the Royal Marechaussee, checked nearly all cars on the nearby ways to Schiphol and was on extra alert in the airport.

The current "substantial" terrorist threat level in the Netherlands means there is a real chance of a terrorist attack, but there have been no direct indications of that.

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