Published: Mon, August 15, 2016
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IS claim was sarcasm

IS claim was sarcasm

Pence said he is still "very confident" that he and Trump can win.

Washington:Republican candidate Donald Trump roiled the USA presidential campaign once again, with the jaw-dropping assertion Wednesday that Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama "founded" the IS group. But no top Republican has gone so far as to accuse the president of founding the group.

That's why, when Trump was interviewed by Hewitt on Thursday, he repeatedly refused offers to explain what he meant - even when Hewitt explicitly spelled it out for him.

When Trump made snide comments about Megan Kelly's menstrual period, he says he was just kidding.

"Don't worry about. It's young and lovely and healthy and that's what we want", Trump said.

During Hewitt's interview with Trump, the candidate both doubled-down on his claim that Obama is "the founder of ISIS" while also clarifying that he meant US foreign policy under the Obama administration failed to prevent the rise of ISIS.

And that's, I'd just use different language to communicate it, but let me close with this, because I know I'm keeping you long, and Hope's going to kill me. Its an instinct that Trumps opponents say a president cant possess.

I guess that's one more thing, like the Iraq war, when he was for it before he was against it.

"I said, "he's the MVP, he's going to collect the MVP award".

The Clintons' 2015 tax papers released Friday show that the bulk of their income - more than $6 million - came from speaking fees for appearances made largely before Hillary Clinton launched her campaign in April 2015.

The latest difficulty comes as Trump has been trying to refocus his campaign on the economy amid declining poll numbers.

Media coverage is the positive reinforcement Trump lives for.

Trump has used the sarcasm defense before. Image credit: Reddit.Trump stated: "No, I meant he's the founder of ISIS. I do".

Trump's speeches are filled with words like "idiot, stupid, and boring", all of which have little to no political significance.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I disagree.

Instead of toning things down for a general election audience, Trump has taken an even more caustic tone in recent days as his poll numbers have continued to tumble.

But a Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll released on Friday suggested support for Trump is eroding among voters in three battleground states.

Priebus is joining Trump this week as he campaigns amid increasing frustration among many Republicans about their nominee.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who is one of Trump's most prominent surrogates, went to great lengths to defend the candidate in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

Following the suggestion on Wednesday evening, Trump went back on his words on Friday, insisting he had not meant to say President Obama and Democratic candidate Clinton founded ISIS.

The GOP presidential nominee has particularly attacked Obama for withdrawing US troops from Iraq after a status of forces agreement between the two countries expired, even though Trump himself called for a withdrawal of USA troops years earlier. Trump asked rhetorically, before adding in a separate tweet that ISIS grew strong during Clinton's tenure as Obama's secretary of state.

"When they hear a presidential candidate try to act like that our president is on the bad guy's side", she said, "How do you think that makes them feel as they're out there in the field fighting?"

"Last night, you said the President was the founder of ISIS".

You have left for this month.

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