Published: Wed, August 24, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Giant pearl found by Fisherman 10yrs ago worth 76m

It would have continued being a hidden secret if not for a fire which ravaged his wooden shack in Puerto Princesa, on Palawan Island, reported the Daily Mail.

A fire at his wooden home earlier this year forced him to move house and he chose to have it in to the stunned local tourism officer in remote Puerto Princesca.

The fisherman threw the anchor down and it got stuck on a rock during a storm. This was a decade ago.

Amazed by its size, Maggay-Amurao took to Facebook to try to solicit help in certifying the giant pearl's validity from gemologists. We're waiting for authentication from Gemologist Institute and other worldwide authorities.

Philippine officials believe they may have recovered biggest natural giant clam pearl in the world - weighing a whopping 34kg (5.2 stone).

Maggay-Amurao says the city hopes the pearl will draw more tourists to Puerto Princesa.

The gem was unveiled to the public for the first time today. It is also known as the Pearl of Allah and was coincidentally found in Palawan in 1934 and valued at £26.6 million (over RM141 million) when it was put up for display at Ripley's Believe It or Not!

It is now on exhibition at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! in NY. According to ITV News, she does, however, strongly discourage locals from seeking out, disturbing or removing giant clams such as this one from the ocean, as this adversely affects the biodiversity surrounding the Palawan Island.

According to media reports, giant clams can grow to over four feet in length but rarely produce pearls which makes this find extremely rare, IBT reports.

Natural pearls are formed inside the shells of molluscs as a defence mechanism against a potentially threatening irritant, such as a parasite.

The animal creates a pearl sac and secretes calcium carbonate to seal off the irritation.

The jewel increases in size as each new layer of calcium carbonate is deposited.

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