Published: Wed, August 10, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Gary Johnson Delivers Best Donald Trump Diss of the Week

Gary Johnson Delivers Best Donald Trump Diss of the Week

Rigell said on his Facebook page that Trump wasn't worthy of the title "Mr. President".

Governor Chris Christie seems to be getting more and more nervous regarding his endorsement as Donald Trump caused even more controversy this past week, receiving several warnings from party members to get it together.

Rules say Rigell can return to the city committee if he applies at a later date and members accept him.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Johnson said Trump will be watching the Olympics.

Rigell told the New York Times that he's been advising his fellow Republicans to condemn Trump's remarks when they disagree with him.

"If Clinton is elected or if Trump is going to get elected, I think the polarization in Congress will be greater than ever", Johnson said, adding that, "nothing is going to get done".

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it was
Gary Johnson Delivers Best Donald Trump Diss of the Week

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is expected to file petitions tomorrow to have his name put on the ballot - but not as a Libertarian.

Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld, have been trying to appeal to people who do not want to support Republican nominee Trump. Many other high-profile Republicans made the same decision.

So, the obvious result would be a huge third-party surge, right? Johnson received 7% and only 3% went with Stein.

After breaking ranks from the majority of GOP congressmen who plan to back Trump, Rigell also distanced himself from his local Republican Party. The former governor of MA is a huge supporter of William Weld's.

The first presidential debate is scheduled from September 26 - and if Johnson makes it on the stage, he could have a significant impact on the race. William Weld, have been lobbying Republicans turned off by Trump's brash brand of politics to support their candidacy.

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