Published: Mon, August 15, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Back to blue at troubled Olympic aquatics venue

The bigger pool at the outdoor venue, which has been staging water polo, is the closest to being the normal blue, while the diving pool is green.

The teams began draining the nearly one million gallons of water from the pool with industrial pumps.

'The water in the warm-up pool is in flawless condition'.

"The diving tank, we've not replaced the water because our main commitment is obviously to the competition schedule because the athletes prepare themselves according to that schedule, so we need to preserve that".

A general view of the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre on the fourth day of the Rio Olympic Games, Brazil.

Various theories claimed that the colour change could be due to the green advertising board, inadequate levels of chlorine and possibly an illegal contamination, but it has been confirmed that the addition of hydrogen peroxide neutralised the chlorine in the pools and meant that algae was able to bloom.

"On the diving tank, since there are not huge complaints about the performance of the athletes and the health and safety of the athletes, we are renovating the sand systems of the filters", Nascimento said. Now, Olympic officials are handing out a final verdict on what caused the pools, which should've been all prepared for a Summer Olympics but weren't, to turn murky and green seemingly overnight.

The organization of Rio 2016 has always stated that the water didn't pose any threat to the health of athletes. Instead, they began draining it Saturday and planned to transfer almost 1 million gallons of clear water from a nearby practice pool in time for the start of synchronized swimming. Australia's Maddison Keeney, who took part in the diving event on Saturday, said it was "pretty gross". When you're standing up there it's a bit off-putting. I've never had a pool like this ever before. After the diving pool was closed for a scheduled practice session Friday, Germany's Patrick Hausding posted a couple of pictures, one holding his nose with the caption "Good morning from the green lake!" A day before, he attempted to explain trouble fixing the water by declaring that "chemistry is not an exact science".

Rio officials are also dealing with another aquatics venue mishap.

The starting platform for the open water course broke into three pieces in bad weather, forcing the cancellation of practice Saturday at Fort Copacabana.

The platform was wrecked because of weather conditions two days before the 10-kilometer women's race.

Officials were working to recover the structure on Copacabana beach, where it was found. Some water polo players have complained about itchy eyes.

Unlike Riendeau, some of the competitors complained the water or the chemical treatment hurt their eyes and made underwater visibility hard, reported the New York Times. "If you're a competitor like we all are, if you're here for the right reasons, you're not anxious about that".

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