Published: Sat, August 06, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Apple will soon introduce a revamped version of Apple Store app

Apple will soon introduce a revamped version of Apple Store app

Apple is preparing to update its Apple Store iOS app that now allows customers to buy Apple's hardware and various third-party accessories online (via Bloomberg).

Bloomberg noted that the use of personal recommendations in its products is rare for the company, as utilizing personal data for profit has often been a sore subject for both Apple and its users.

It is unknown how Apple will handle this sort of system in regards to privacy. There is no such news on why Apple is making such shift but this is definitely an effort to bring a new product in front of the customers that they might not have been able to discover. The app reportedly also supports the iPod Touch and the Apple Watch. The update may also unify the experience across the iPhone and iPad with a new responsive design to fit any screen size. The current version of Apple Store to contain a "Featured" tab where general product recommendation is being displayed but the new tab is personalized.

The "For You" tab which will be available in the revamped Apple Store app will essentially unfold product purchase suggestions "based on prior orders".

It'll be interesting to see how Apple handles such a system. A spokesman for Apple declined to comment on the matter. Possibly using differential privacy to protect purchase history.

The Apple Store app may be in line for a revamp that will steer you to products it thinks you'll buy.

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