Published: Sat, August 20, 2016
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Amy Schumer opens book tour for essay collection

Amy Schumer opens book tour for essay collection

In Manhattan alone, she writes, she's worked in at least a dozen restaurants and bars.

She said that she tried to run away from him twice that day to no avail. She shared, "I was seventeen years old and wanted my boyfriend to like me".

Amy gave Sandra a preview of the chapter and gave her permission to stop it from being included in the book, but she only made a basic correction to one sentence and left the rest how it was written. She'd clearly been crying hard. "Because she couldn't communicate vocally, she had to sign it to me".

The comedienne says she comforted her mother following the admission, though she now sees how troublesome the situation was.

In the book, she recounts coming home at age 13 to find her mother sobbing, then confessing to an ongoing affair with her best friend's married father. "Now that all of my work, my relationships, my tweets, my body parts, and my sandwiches are publicly analyzed, I'm proud that I labeled myself a flawed, normal human before anyone else did", she writes. "Sometimes from the shove, I'd trip over something and fall, and get hurt".

In the book which is due out next week, Schumer also describes how she lost her virginity to a boyfriend who took advantage of her one night while she was half asleep. I'd just had acupuncture, so there was oil in my hair and there were deep red lines on my cheeks from being face down on the table, but I put on jeans instead of sweatpants and walked downstairs to meet him outside.

He said it so much that at one point I actually began to believe that no one else would want me or love me.

In another instance, she claims he banged up her head and elbow after shoving her onto the hood of a vehicle.

The fighting reached a climax with one altercation where her boyfriend pushed her into a vehicle, then "grabbed a huge butcher knife from a drawer". She eventually escaped, and advised to her readers that, "It can happen to anyone". Since late previous year, she's been dating Chicago-based furniture designer Ben Hanisch.

Vanessa Bayer - her friend, "Trainwreck" costar, and a "Saturday Night Live" cast member - introduced her to a mobile dating app "specifically aimed at creative people". We were both very giving.

After a few weeks, the two officially met. I got out into the rain, and Ben was standing there, no umbrella or hood, with a soggy paper bag with a bottle of wine in it.

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