Published: Mon, August 29, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Amazon to expand physical bookstores

Amazon to expand physical bookstores

Continuing to embed itself within the ranks of the very merchants who have long complained of the e-commerce giant's apparent unstoppable rise, Amazon has announced plans for a fourth brick-and-mortar bookstore, this time in Chicago. Prices will be comparable to those found on, but the selection will be a little bit less expansive than the anything-you-could-ever-want offerings online.

We're not that special, though.

The company says on its website: 'Amazon Books in University Village, Seattle, is a physical extension of

For Bezos, at this stage it's apparently "all about learning, rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue".

Meanwhile, despite the media focus on ecommerce, about 92 percent of all retail sales continues to be transacted inside physical stores, a reality Amazon can't afford to ignore, said retail consultant Howard Davidowitz, head of Davidowtiz & Associates. Customers can go online and find just about anything, so why move to physical bookstores?

In other news of how Amazon continues to be both a market copycat and a market disrupter, the e-commerce giant announced Amazon Vehicles, a auto research destination and automotive community created to help customers search and shop for vehicles, parts, and accessories - all packaged with the specs, images and customer reviews we have come to know and love from Amazon.

"It certainly makes sense from a branding perspective", said Daniel Kurnos, analyst at Benchmark.

Amazon has been blurring the line between ecommerce and traditional retail for a while.

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