Published: Wed, August 03, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

After the flood, Ellicott City residents regroup to rebuild

Jason Barnes waded into the water as it raged around the woman's vehicle.

According to new reports, Watsula dropped her 10-year-old daughter at her brother's home then went to Ellicott City with her mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law for dinner.

The cost of repairs on Main St. could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, county officials said. His girlfriend was rescued, but Blevins was not.

The deadly floods have killed at least two people and stranded more than 100 in the suburbs of Baltimore over the weekend. Officials said in a statement that he Baltimore County Police Department's dive team was "in a recovery, rather than a rescue, mode" and would be working to get cars and other debris that had washed into the river.

"Being in that restaurant and seeing everything just slide down that hill was - it was just a terrifying thing to see", she said.

The picturesque Main Street of Ellicott City, Maryland, faces a months-long recovery that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars after devastating flooding that damaged almost every home and business along the road. "Cars everywhere, cars on top of cars, parts of the road are gone, many parts of the sidewalk gone, storefronts completely gone". He signed an executive order Sunday morning, declaring a state of emergency.

After seeing that video, many people say it shows the true heart of the people who live in Ellicott City.

"I don't think anything could have stopped this tragedy", he said, "but, as you know, we have flooding".

The county will have help from the state and federal government in that effort.

The bodies were recovered after they were killed in separate incidents when they were carried off by the rushing water, reportedly.

Authorities have identified one of the flood victims as 35-year-old Jessica Watsula, a Pennsylvania resident who was visiting family in Ellicott City. A human chain rescued 29-year-old Jamie Knight from her auto in the middle of the raging floodwaters, according to a two-minute video that has spread nationwide. The (Small Business Association) is going to be here.

He said that while property owners won't be able to go in and assess the damage, they'll be able to go on Main Street and get a look at them tomorrow. "There are a lot of people that lost their apartments and their homes".

Residents and business people have been banned from returning downtown because of the danger, Gardner said.

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