Published: Wed, July 20, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Why data encryption is vital for any business

Why data encryption is vital for any business

As technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives it is becoming more important that everything we do online is safe and secure, and one way of doing that is by encrypting your data. That means that you cannot allow unauthorised access to any of your files, or personal information which is obviously of significant importance when you are online given that people will regularly make banking transactions and enter credit card details. 

For big companies, having data encryption and a secure system is vital to operating, both from a financial perspective so you don’t lose any revenue and also so you can maintain your reputation. If a customer sees that your company is not fully regulated or doesn’t have sufficient encryption that could leave personal detail vulnerable, then you will be in serious trouble of losing them. That will have a domino effect, because whilst we are embracing technology more than ever before, customers also place a lot of trust that businesses will be doing all the necessary checks to keeping everything safe. An example of a big company who do perform all the relevant checks and invest heavily in data encryption is Lucky Nugget Casino. As a major player for online casino games they are trusted with people making regular banking transactions as well as providing personal information, so it’s vital they maintain the high standards. If they failed to do so, they would miss out on customers in an extremely competitive market, however their security combined with the quality of their roulette games and online slots means that when you visit you can play without fear. 

This secure style has been adopted by more major companies across the world with Facebook the latest to identify improved encryptions as a way to secure its messaging service. The system will supposedly deploy end-to-end encryption which means it will block authorities and Facebook from reading texts. This will draw scepticism from some people who believe that messages should be made available to authorities in certain cases, similarly to the dispute that Apple had with the FBI. Although, on the other hand, messages that you send to friends should be kept in private and confidential, and with over 900m people using Facebook’s messaging service it is easy to see why they will be doing everything to ensure privacy and security for their users. 

For businesses, the online world is a major way they operate, with more customers and opportunity online than before, which is why it is of paramount importance that they keep everything secure connected to their brand, which involves encryption. Whilst, we ourselves could encrypt our laptops if we wanted, it is a simple procedure for businesses that must be taken. Whether it is Lucky Nugget Casino, Facebook, or a much smaller company, having a secure online facility is vital to any business. 


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