Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Westboro Baptist Church Trolled Via Pokemon GO

Westboro Baptist Church Trolled Via Pokemon GO

The Westboro Baptist Church is fighting back, using one of the most commonly known Pokémon: Jigglypuff. The church's official Vine account also posted this video because the world is was not odd and frightful enough already.

Nonetheless, the church still condemned the game on its Twitter page.

The newspaper said a trainer called "Pinknose" claimed the church for a pink "clefairy" named LoveisLove, an apparent slap at church members' vitriol surrounding the LGBT movement.

The new augmented reality game, which connects to a user's phone Global Positioning System, sent fans wandering to their local parks, historical landmarks and churches - including the Westboro Baptist Church.

The new Pokémon Go app is revolutionizing the way we stalk, capture, and fight with ditigal Japanese monsters, and one notorious church's hateful message is keeping up with the times.

With dozens of protests planned for the rapidly approaching Democratic National Convention, it's only natural that America's most infamous church had to hop on the bandwagon.

And in fact, someone in the church's leadership has even taken up the game and created their own character, a Jigglypuff named "GodHatesF*gs", to do battle with LOVEISLOVE and eventually evict him from the gym. In Pokemon GO, several locations are marked asPokemon gyms, which players can claim and protect with a Pokemon of their choice.

"This little church, as despised and vilified as we are, the location of this church will be memorialized throughout eternity", he said.

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