Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Unlikely leaders: Why Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn keep confounding elite experts

After he refused to quit, former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle announced she was standing against him for the leadership.

Labour's embattled leader, who lost a vote of no-confidence in June following mass resignations from his shadow cabinet, has vowed to fight any challenge.

"What I want is to get a party leader who can win an election".

All but one member of the NEC was present for the crunch meeting, with GMB veteran Mary Turner too ill to attend. "I can't possibly say what all 1,200 people think - but it's going to be a very lively debate".

"We could end up in that situation and then it becomes very hard to govern and deliver the programme for Leave".

Many of the MPs claimed he did not do enough in the campaign to stay in the EU.

There is a clear difference of legal opinion as to whether an incumbent Labour leader who is challenged by another MP also needs to receive nominations.

He added: "The idea that Jeremy Corbyn is driving a wedge in the Labour party, with the majority of support of the membership, is outrageous". Corbyn says he has been consulting lawyers and is confident of his position.

On Sunday, Corbyn said he will to sue his own party if the National Executive Commitee say he can't go on the ballot paper automatically.

"He has been hiding behind a door not talking to his Members of Parliament - that's not leadership", she said.

Also, 76% said it was unlikely that Mr Corbyn would ever become prime minister, while 69% said it was unlikely Labour would win the next election while he was leader.

Angela Eagle insisted she has not embarked on a political "suicide mission" as she launched her bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. "And I don't think they'll think it's democracy". A Union source tells me that four separate QCs have independently advised that Mr Corbyn should be on the ballot regardless of whether he can get the 51 MP and MEP nominations any challenger would need.

Mr Morris has tweeted messages of support for Mr Corbyn in the wake of Saturday's Durham Miners' Gala, where he was headline speaker.

An event involving Eagle, a senior figure within the party, was moved to a new venue on Tuesday after the hotel where it was due to be held received threats. "Everything we're proud of, from the National Health Service, to the minimum wage, to equality legislation, is there because we were in government".

British lawmaker Angela Eagle on Monday launched her bid to lead the main opposition party by challenging embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is facing a leadership challenge following post-Brexit fallout.

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