Published: Tue, July 12, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

UK: Angela Eagle launches Labour leadership bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn

UK: Angela Eagle launches Labour leadership bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn

His rival Angela Eagle, a former shadow business secretary, accuses Corbyn of playing to his left-wing gallery rather than seeking wider support.

Asked whether such a motion existed, Paul Davies said: "Well, there is a motion to that effect and I am sure that will be a debate at our next meeting on the 22nd..."

"I'm calling for people to stop this violence and the bad behaviour and let's just get behind whatever leader you choose".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"I want to see a fair election now with both members on the ballot papers", Davies told the BBC.

"Everything we are proud of, from the NHS to the minimum wage to the equality legislation that has modernised and civilized our society is there because we were in government".

The party said: "The only party that can win for working people is a strong and united Labour Party".

"We must fight this coup and we must ensure Jeremy stays as leader".

Labour's rift in leadership takes place as a historic transfer of power occurs within the Conservative party.

"I think she's the Empire Strikes Back candidate - she voted for Iraq, she voted for tuition fees".

Eagle is expected to launch her campaign to be leader of the party today, after talks between trade unions and MPs about a settlement ended over the weekend.

Ms Eagle, who has known Mr McCluskey almost 40 years, suggested his comments were over the top.

The party's National Executive Committee will decide on the rules after a contest is formally triggered. The conflict hinges on whether he is considered a "potential challenger" and must seek the support of 20 percent of the MPs, or can automatically be on the ballot by default, since he is the incumbent.

The Stroud Labour Party has backed Jeremy Corbyn to continue leading the party.

Corbyn is confident that he could win an election if nominated because he enjoys widespread grass-roots support.

The leader of Britain's Labor Party urged a lawmaker challenging him for the job to "think for a moment" about her decision.

Ms Eagle explained in a statement: "These are dark times for Labour. We owe too much to the millions in our country who look to us to help them make a better life".

Mr Corbyn will press ahead with a planned speech to the policy conference of Unite in Brighton on Tuesday as sources said he has been told he can not attend the NEC meeting.

She said that Eagle had been due to attend a meeting in Luton on Tuesday, but that the event had been cancelled because the manager of the hotel it was due to be held at received threats.

Corbyn, who won an overwhelming majority of party votes past year by strongly denouncing cuts to public services and welfare and the country's support for the Iraq War, lost a vote of no-confidence from MPs last week 172 to 40. "What I won't accept is any sordid little fix which is alien to our traditions".

Party membership has surged once again, to around 500,000, since the referendum. He's been hiding behind a door, not talking to his members of parliament.

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