Published: Fri, July 15, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Trump to pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as VP, report

Other indicators that Pence is the choice have come to light on Thursday, as Pence gathered his top political aides at 8 Indianapolis to discuss logistics - including his Friday deadline to withdraw from his current gubernatorial race - in the event Trump selected the governor as his running mate, according to Time.

WND reported three days ago political insiders said Pence is the most likely VP candidate, with sources close to Trump and Pence saying there's a "95 percent probability" the IN governor is going to be the pick.

Pence, who often touts himself as "A Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order", has deep ties with both social and fiscal conservatives and is viewed as the safe choice for Trump aimed at uniting the party rather than a game-changing move.

Trump was reportedly choosing between former House speaker Newt Gingrich, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Trump, a NY businessman, has never held elected office.

Life before politics: Pence is a lawyer by trade.

Governor Pence is seeking re-election in Indiana.

Calm, cool, and collected Pence doesn't exactly fit this requirement, but here's some additional proof he's pretty much a lock: Pence is dropping his reelection bid for IN governor, and there's really only one reason I can think of as to why he would do this. The timing is aimed at energizing Republicans ahead of next week's Republican convention in Cleveland. Cruz dropped out that night, and Pence said he'd support Trump as the nominee. Another source tells CNN Pence is the pick.

The choice many have been waiting for has apparently been made.

Trump has said he will make a formal announcement Friday morning in Manhattan, and his campaign continues to insist no final decisions have been made.

On the plus side for Trump's supporters and their pathological hatred for "establishment" government, Pence has a long history of fighting for a government even smaller than what traditional GOP leaders, and even former President George W. Bush, have advocated for.

Donald Trump is parting ways with his controversial campaign manager, who has been with him since the beginning of his White House bid.

Mr. Trump has a lot to gain by running with Gov. Pence. Last year, he signed a bill into law that would have allowed IN businesses to deny service to LGBTQ individuals based on religious objections to homosexuality and/or gay marriage. "I think having somebody who represents a somewhat younger voice would have some advantages", he said.

Before becoming governor of IN in 2013, Pence spent six terms IN Congress, where he served on committees that dealt with foreign affairs and technology and was generally well-liked and respected by his colleagues.

A third candidate, Governor Mike Pence of IN, huddled at his home on Wednesday morning with Mr Trump and his children Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka, and son-IN-law Jared Kushner. Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma and U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita have declared their intentions to run.

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