Published: Thu, July 14, 2016
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Trump campaign reacts to Marquette poll

Jon Stainbrook, the Lucas County GOP chairman, noted that Mrs. Clinton has the more organized campaign and has already blanketed the state with television ads, while Mr. Trump's campaign is less established and not on the air. Twenty-five percent admitted they were afraid of both candidates.

"Right now, what my job is to do to make sure that Hillary Clinton is elected president, that we defeat Trump and come up with a set of principles and an agenda that speaks to the needs of working families", he said.

Trump has been leading in this poll for the past several weeks. In a June 21 poll by the same university, Clinton had an 8-point lead in Florida.

The poll found Americans hold resoundingly negative opinions of both candidates.

"I think what Secretary Clinton is going to have to do is get around the country and contrast her views to Donald Trump's", Sanders said.

Trump, whose campaign has been marked by crudeness and numerous verbal missteps, still has problems in Florida despite the latest poll results.

The poll was conducted after FBI Director James Comey criticized Clinton for mishandling classified information as secretary of State but declined to recommend criminal charges against her. Now, Trump leads Clinton 42% to 39%, within the margin of error; a month ago, Clinton led 47% to 39%.

Clinton, however, did receive some good news in the swing state of Colorado Wednesday afternoon, when Monmouth University released a poll finding her with a 13-point lead.

Addressing an invitation-only crowd in Springfield for the second time in less than six months, Hillary Clinton talked about unifying the nation against racial tensions. Just 28% say they think she is honest.

"Donald Trump enters the Republican convention on a small roll in the three most important swing states in the country", said Peter Brown, the Quinnipiac poll's assistant director.

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal has damaged the Democratic candidate's approval ratings, according to a new poll. "Although he is winning among white voters, who are mainly Republican, victory in Florida will be a very hard lift for him if he can't do better among non-white voters".

No more than 1 time in 20 should chance variations in the sample cause the results to vary by more than plus or minus 3.3 percentage points from the answers that would be obtained if all adults in the US were polled.

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