Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Top GOP Officials Are Shooting Down 'Free the Delegates' Efforts

Yue had hoped for support Tuesday from members of the Republican National Committee, which has assembled in Cleveland for pre-convention meetings.

Wenatchee resident and Republican National Committee member Fredi Simpson doesn't think Trump's rivals will be successful.

But these delegates must sign a petition to force a vote on the floor - a requirement Ash says is a high bar for a delegate who are on the fence.

The exact content of the platform committee's draft won't be officially unveiled until next Monday, when Republicans formally gavel their convention into order.

Hodgson was elected as one of five delegates representing Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Next week, the question still stands for the 2,472 GOP delegates in Cleveland: Will they pledge allegiance to the mob or to the republic?

"I wouldn't condone it or participate in it or enable his actions in any way whatsoever", he said. "You're giving the person what he has unlawfully stolen - which is presence", Kobach said.

Running out of options to voice displeasure with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, some delegates who oppose him have flirted with a movement to try to upend next week's GOP convention in Cleveland.

The Republican National Committee's general counsel said the delegates selected in this year's primaries and caucuses were bound to support the candidate who won their state under rules adopted in 2012.

Cruz swept the delegate selection process in April when Colorado held its state convention. "But there are other people who have their own agendas". "At this point, I'm not part of anybody's 'never-anybody campaign, ' I believe in a more positive approach". Scott Johnson, another RNC delegate from Georgia, was pleasantly surprised by the result.

"People put pressure on them". But they're respectful, and they're not overbearing.

"Let me be clear: I will support the Republican nominee", Hultgren said in the release. More details will be added as they become available. Another familiar topic was support for gun rights - and the AR-15 in particular.

But much of the platform committee's time was spent proving that Republicans haven't wavered on social issues.

Since the spring, Kinzinger has said he wanted to get to "yes" with Trump but that he is not there yet.

The platform committee did, however, reject more explicit language that passed muster in a subcommittee, which encouraged "the common sense practice of protecting public safety and personal privacy by limiting access to restrooms ... based on biological gender". It was soundly defeated.

The committee's longest debate of the day revolved around whether or not to add gays to the list of targets of the Islamic State, along with Christians, Jews, and women.

The final draft of the Republican platform also includes language, justified with research that has been disputed, asserting that children raised in a "traditional two-parent household" are likelier to have healthier outcomes.

At one point, another woman delegate leveled a burst of sarcasm at the platform chair: "Has the dead horse been beaten enough here?" she asked.

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