Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

The Outlander Finale Gave Everything We could have Asked For

Outlander's passionate fanbase has extra incentive to be excited about the Season 2 finale of Starz's hit highlander series, which airs July 9.

Knowing these will be the final moments they ever share, Jamie pulls her close and they have sex one final time at the foot of the stones. It's a good things the series has been renewed for another two seasons, or the fans would be rioting in the streets given the ending cliffhanger. Can't wait for Season 3!

This seems to be the metaphorical elephant in the room, at least when it comes to the last half of season two. "Dragonfly in Amber" finds a rather somber Claire returning to Scotland for the first time since she and Frank left the United Kingdom for Boston in 1948, hoping to put the past behind them. There's also been a suspicious lack of sex scenes for the show that's built its reputation on steamy romps and bodice-ripping action.

Murtagh is the only person (besides Jamie and Claire) that knows Claire is from the future. Roger has to gently remind her that as a history major, she told him that she wanted to learn the truth, no matter how upsetting.

Certainly once she meets Jamie you're never going to root for Claire to go back, you're just not, but I think you have to understand why she'd want to.

By not so well, I mean Claire and Jamie killed Dougal. "She's the offspring of two characters that you know and love so well, and we were looking to find an actress who has characteristics of both The King of Men and also our lead protagonist, Claire, who is ballsy and amusing and smart", she said. She hadn't even told him about it, but he had been counting. They end up staying, but Claire can't sleep with all the ghosts in her mind. A visit with the world's most helpful clerk confirms that the estate's title was passed from Jamie to his nephew, thanks to a document bearing Claire's smudged signature. The morning of April 16, 1746, sees Jamie making yet another last-ditch attempt to steer Charles away from marching into battle. As for Brianna, she's been brought up thinking of Frank as her only father. The part of Roger went to Scottish actor Richard Rankin, while Cheshire-born Sophie Skelton will take on the challenge of playing Jamie and Claire's daughter. Most of it does take place there. Since the Season 2 finale resolved clearly that Jamie is in fact alive, it would make sense to see what happened to him after he said goodbye to Claire.

While Claire spends the next day mooning over her past, Brianna and Roger explore Fort William and she asks her new BFF if he has any memories of an "incident" between Claire and her late husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies). Her hostility toward her mother is obviously warranted, but I just didn't buy it. She hasn't earned our respect, yet, so it's unfortunate this introduction paints her as childish.

All of their history is swirling under the surface when Brianna and Roger sort through the Reverend's paperwork to find information on an "incident" with her parents Brianna had heard about.

"When Brianna starts out, she's a young woman who is somewhat at odds with her mother", Davis revealed. It came through Gillian Edgars, a.k.a. Geillis Duncan. (BTW, Claire tells Roger he's the descendent of Geillis and Dougal).

It's so interesting now that she's gone back to him and what are they gonna do?

As the three of them await the authorities, Roger reveals something he found going through the reverend's papers.

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