Published: Tue, July 19, 2016
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The Bachelorette, Week 6 recap

The Bachelorette, Week 6 recap

The only interesting nugget revealed on this date is that Jordan reveals to JoJo that he doesn't have much of a relationship with his brother, some dope named Aaron Rodgers, which worries Ms. Fletcher because, like, "Family is so important!" In a preview clip ABC released for the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette, the network teased that hometowns will "roll out the welcome mat for secrets" when Fletcher meets the families of Jordan, Chase McNary, Luke Pell and Robby Hayes.

JoJo ends up realizing that Jordan's issues with his brother Aaron, run way deeper than she had previously thought. "I choose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother (his other brother Luke)". Jordan also told JoJo that he's really close with his oldest brother, Luke, who also happens to be the funniest person he knows.

With JoJo Fletcher set to visit the hometowns of her four remaining suitors next week, the Texas-bred beauty will be making a pit stop in Jordan Rodgers' neighborhood in California.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that spoilers have been suggesting that Jordan Rodgers, who could be the victor, may have some other motives for wooing Fletcher and proposing to her. Fans of the show are already aware that Rodgers is a former National Football League player. JoJo wasn't feeling it, and just straight up sent him home right there! James, meanwhile, admitted that he's nervous because JoJo had more of a physical relationship with the other guys compared to him, but JoJo assured him that he had all the qualities she wanted in a husband or father to her children.

But Jordan showed some scheming smarts, artfully turning this vague Aaron trash talking into a personal sob story. "I think I'm falling in love with you", Alex said. Aside from that horrifying event, JoJo sent two of her contestants home this week, leaving just four boyfriends left in the race to win her heart during Hometown dates. Alex, Jordan and Luke were chosen to be alone with JoJo, and Robby, James and Chase got the group treatment.

The Bachelorette, Week 6 recap

"Does he know that you're doing [this show]?" And not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron, or what people think that relationship should be, didn't define me. Packers training camp kicks off on July 26, when, if Jordan is still on the show, Aaron will no doubt be thrilled to answer prying questions about the not-great relationship with his spurned little brother.

"Me and Aaron don't have that much of a relationship". JoJo was anxious that he hadn't moved on yet, but he assured her that he's ready for her and for "us". "I'm defined by the character I have with the humility I've been taught by my parents, which is what I want people to see".

And it appears there's more talk of the other brother on the way. For reasons that will never make any sense, Chris Harrison arranged for JoJo and Jordan to squish grapes with their feet - which definitely weren't cleaned beforehand.

Adored as he is by many, Aaron Rodgers has been criticized plenty.

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