Published: Sun, July 17, 2016
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'The Bachelorette' 2016 Spoilers: Episode 7

On Monday's The Bachelorette, JoJo continued her streak of breaking hearts.

Luke got the final one-on-one of the night and JoJo enjoyed his ability to open up as they rode horses across the South American scenery. All the horseplay appeared to change JoJo's opinion of Alex - at least it seemed that way at first - since they shared a few kisses.

The week began in the Argentinian countryside with three one-on-one dates and a group date. A one-on-one date allows one man to showoff his horse-riding skills. At times it feels like we're all just watching to see who comes in second. A tearful JoJo said James touched her heart and she wanted him to find the ideal girl. Get all the spoilers you need for tonight's episode by reading on below.

Bachelorette fans know that they're nearly always going to be promised a "shocking" season finale, but this one might really take the cake - or the rose, as the case may be. We saw an inkling of this in the last episode, where he called Jordan "entitled" for telling him how to play poker (Jordan is entitled for a lot of reasons, but that's probably the least of them).

So we guess Aaron will not be making an appearance when JoJo joins Jordan for a hometown date next week, but we bet at least some of the drama between them will be there. We all were! She gives Robby a rose and she'll be meeting his family next week, who I hope is as plastic waxy and Ken doll-like as he is.

The Bachelorette Milestone: Jordan tells JoJo he loves her.

"My middle brother won't be there", Jordan told JoJo during Monday's episode, according to the New York Post. Jordan's date was filmed in Chico, California on April 25, and he and JoJo spent the day portion of their date at Pleasant Valley High School, which Jordan attended. However, his shocking admission to his potential soulmate might be a game changer for JoJo.

Alex Woytkiw is one of the 2016 contestants on The Bachelorette. Let's say a collective prayer for Argentina's horse community and dive in, shall we?

James was determined to score the group date rose, but his tactics were questionable: stuffing as many French fries as he could into his mouth and tattling - repeatedly - about Robby supposedly checking out other women on the street, which Robby denied. It's awesomely low budget and clearly a last-minute fix for some bad weather, but actually it's a great way for JoJo to see what it's like to hang with Robby, Chase, and James a more relaxed, tipsy environment.

Though the day is filled with fun and hi-jinks, JoJo also has some serious moments.

In sneak peek scenes of the next show, Robby's ex-girlfriend stirs it up and she confronts him about it. He told JoJo that he saw his future with her.

"Who puts a hot tub in a winery?" he asked me.

The good news is he's still strikingly lovely [Editor's Note: I cosign this message] and there are a lot of gorgeous petite girls out there filling his Instagram inbox.

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