Published: Sat, July 09, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Tesla Motors: Global sales rose in latest quarter

The electric-car maker delivered 14,370 vehicles in the second quarter, missing its projection of about 17,000, according to a company's statement on Sunday.

Tesla is expecting its production to reach 2,200 vehicle per week in the third quarter and 2,400 units per in the fourth quarter.

Through the second quarter, Tesla delivered 9,745 Model S saloon cars and 4,625 of its Model X sports utility vehicle.

"Suppliers continue to suggest Tesla has had difficulty maintaining steady production of Model X", the report noted, "with some estimating "up time" is as low as 50 percent". Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk plans to release the Model 3 sometime in 2017, which he calls "a mass-market, affordable car" that can also drive "at least 215 miles" without recharging.

The 50,000 Teslas to be delivered in the next six months would almost match the automaker's full-year 2015 deliveries. The cheaper Model 3 will be the majority of this, but with it not going on sale until 2017, Tesla must hit the ground running if it is to accelerate production so rapidly.

This was the first known incident of its kind, with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now investigating 25,000 of the Model S cars that have the Autopilot system. According to Reuters, the fatal accident occurred on May 7, but Tesla didn't disclose the incident to the NHTSA until May 16.

It was revealed Thursday that the driver of a Tesla Model S electric vehicle was killed in an accident that occurred when the auto was in self-driving mode, the New York Times reported.

The electric vehicle manufacturer said, "This is the first known fatality in just over 130 million miles where the Autopilot was activated".

Over the weekend, Tesla also confirmed that it had missed its delivery and production goals for the second quarter in a row.

Fortune says they tried all day yesterday ( the Fourth of July) to inform the company via e-mail about the forthcoming story and asking for comment.

While Tesla shares have declined 12.34% in the past three months, over the past 5 trading sessions the stock has jumped more than 12%.

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