Published: Tue, July 12, 2016
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Stroud Labour supporters back Jeremy Corbyn

It was supposed to be Angela Eagle's big day - the day she officially launched her campaign to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour party. He has nevertheless refused calls to resign, insisting he has the backing of the party's grass roots.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll for the Election Data website suggested that of 1,221 trade union members surveyed, 63% thought Mr Corbyn was doing badly as leader, compared with 33% who thought he was doing well.

There are now 230 MPs and 20 MEPs, meaning a candidate in the current race must have 50 nominations.

"You would be surprised how much support there is out there from people who feel that I was elected a year ago with a very large majority and a very large mandate", Corbyn said in an interview on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

"This is not just about Jeremy Corbyn and his position".

Mr Morris has tweeted messages of support for Mr Corbyn in the wake of Saturday's Durham Miners' Gala, where he was headline speaker.

Would Eagle have put her name forward if she didn't believe that this mysterious advice contradicts Doughty Street and that it will form the basis of the recommendation to today's meeting of the national executive committee (NEC)?

"I am really clear that I am the best person to lead this party through these hard times", she said.

In a bid to unite the party, she added: "I'm not a Blairite".

Eagle was one of dozens of shadow ministers who resigned after the European Union referendum, saying they had lost confidence in Corbyn's leadership.

Corbyn won by a landslide - supported by many left-wingers and the unions, who were exhausted of the party's move to the center ground under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. But I think that this means that we just have to get on with the Labour leadership race. "And I don't think they'll think it's democracy".

Mrs Eagle's bid looks set to trigger civil war within the party, and comes after 172 Labour MPs indicated they had "no confidence" in Mr Corbyn in a damning ballot. Labour MPs who have deserted Corbyn blame him for failing to galvanise Labour voters to reject a Brexit.

While Ms Eagle was passionately unveiling her vision for the future of Labour, the Beeb interrupted her to speak to a correspondent standing outside Ms Leadsom's home.

She told the Daily Mirror: "We've all stood on the shoulders of what Labour governments in the past have done - if we're not in government we can't spread those chances around our society more widely".

Though many party members continue to stand behind the veteran politician, Corbyn has faced several clashes with Labour MPs in the time since taking over party leadership, resulting in a no-confidence motion in his leadership.

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