Published: Tue, July 19, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

RNC Chair: Chatter Among Anti-Trump "Sore Losers" Is Going Nowhere

12News spoke with a local convention delegate to see if he could listen to Trump opponents and change his vote at the last minute. RNC and Trump campaign officials remain convinced that such an up-or-down floor vote would fall Trump's way, but the worldwide spectacle of a floor fight would be worth its weight in gold.

Mr. Chairman, we are calling on you to support us in reaffirming the longstanding principle that delegates to the GOP Convention can vote their conscience in the name of preserving the legacy of our party and our nation.

Payne decided the Virginia law that requires a winner-take-all allocation of the state's delegates was in conflict with Republican National Committee rules, and a violation of Correll's First Amendment-protected rights.

In Arizona, for instance, delegates are asked to sign a pledge to vote for the victor of the state's primary and those planning to vote their conscience say they've faced threats from the Republican Party chairman there. Virginia's election law says that candidates who win the state's primary election receive all the delegates. Mitt Romney-led efforts fizzled early, and major donors seem to be sitting on the sidelines.

Anyway, according to one of their mouthpieces, they are now mounting "a major effort to block NY liberal, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee".

The RNC rules panel voted down a proposal from RNC Oregon Committeeman Solomon Yue that would have pushed off any anti-Trump measures from taking effect until 2020. And if Dump Trump does succeed, the convention could turn into an uncontrollable free-for-all. Most states bind delegates for one ballot.

But some bound delegates are refusing to vote for Trump despite their status as a bound delegate.

And Caitlyn Jenner has her bags packed for Cleveland, but so far says she'll just be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to talk about the GOP opening up to the transgendered community, not the convention itself. He also refused to take up requests for "injunctive relief" for other delegates, saying the court didn't have the authority to do so. It was in fact a triumph for Republican delegates in Virginia, and- Correll says- 20 other jurisdictions.

What neither party wants is a spectacle such as what occurred at the Democrats' convention in Chicago in 1968. "But I don't think there's enough support to go that direction".

The Republican convention is typically a time for party members to celebrate, but with Trump leading the show, many GOP operatives are bailing on the four-day event, which normally draws in GOP donors, lobbyists and leaders. Trump's campaign slogan has been "make America great again".

There are efforts from within Trump's campaign and elsewhere that do not want the rules to change.

Trump called problems at the VA under President Barack Obama "widespread and totally inexcusable" and said that under his leadership, "We are going to save money and we are going to save lives".

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