Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
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Priyanka Chopra Finds Her Resemblance to Navpreet Banga 'Uncanny'

Priyanka Chopra Finds Her Resemblance to Navpreet Banga 'Uncanny'

Priyanka Chopra has started shooting for the second season of her popular worldwide show "Quantico" and the world is already excited to see her play the role of Alex Parrish once again. Recently, the diva posted a picture of hers while shooting.

After a season full of tension and conflict over a terrorist - who ultimately turned out to be Liam O'Connor -Chopra's character Alex seems to be ready to take on her new role in the Central Intelligence Agency. "I have been writing a lot and I am producing films, I like to evolve in different directions", she added. Markle says she has become good friends with Chopra since their first meeting and hails the "Quantico" star as "unbelievable".

"And. you know when you meet someone and you just "click"..." The time she landed United States she'd shared the first picture of Quantico 2, of her whole cast and crew! It was just an easy, natural progression.

And they have been keeping in touch since.

Markle is now excited for season six of "Suits", which is set to premiere in India July 16 on Comedy Central.

"By the time "Suits" came around, I was getting really disheartened with the entertainment industry and how hard it is to be auditioning all the time".

As shown in Celebuzz, Chopra is back on the set, wearing a stylish grey trench coat and slacks, holding a coffee cup and is photographed on the phone before having her makeup retouched. Last season of Quantico saw Priyanka Chopra's character Alex Parrish clearing her name after being framed for the bombings in NYC.

"Blair Underwood is the kind of actor you dream of writing for".

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