Published: Tue, July 12, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Police officer in road rage killing stripped of badge, gun

Police officer in road rage killing stripped of badge, gun

Alas, video has confirmed the truth once again.

A policeman involved in a road rage killing has been stripped of his badge and gun after a grainy security camera videotape appeared to cast doubt on an initial account of what happened.

Unlike the other men, Small, 37, encountered the police officer, identified by law enforcement officials as Wayne Isaacs, when the officer was off duty. Should the officer face charges for the shooting death of Small since the man did not have a weapon, or was the shooting justified if Small was punching him in the head at the time of the incident?

Roger Wareham, a lawyer representing the family of the deceased, said, "From what it shows, there was no threat to the cop".

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says state police have secured the scene after shots were fired at southwestern Michigan courthouse.

"His wife was in the auto with him".

The shooting of Delrawn Small occurred on July 4 in Brooklyn while Isaacs was off-duty.

[Small] barely has time to look the cop in the eye or even utter a word before Isaacs opens fire, causing him to stagger backward. He then falls to the ground, gets back up for a moment, and then collapses.

Isaacs' auto lurches forward a few feet before he slams on the brakes and gets out. He appears to tuck the gun into his waistband as he walks over toward Small. The officer briefly exits his auto and looks in the fallen man's direction but then returns to the vehicle.

He is then seen pacing and talking on the phone. Officials have said he called 911 and waited there until patrol officers arrived.

On Saturday night, Small's 22-year-old nephew Zayanahla Vines led hundreds of people on a protest march through the streets of Manhattan.

That's when the footage cuts off. Video footage surfaced Friday that showed Isaacs firing his department-issued weapon into Small's chest seconds after the latter man approached his auto window during an apparent road-rage incident in East New York-contradicting the three-year policeman's claim that Small assaulted him. But the video refutes that idea - showing the cop firing nearly immediately when Small walks up to the window. "It's time for us to get justice on it". "The video is clear as day that shows that everything they told us from the very beginning is a lie". It states that the attorney general's office would "investigate, and if warranted, prosecute" cases involving unarmed people who die at the hands of police.

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