Published: Sun, July 17, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Pokemon Go takes world by storm, earns $1.6m daily

Pokemon GO is already a proven success, and early analysis reveals that the application has surpassed popular applications including Snapchat and WhatsApp in terms of daily usage. If this partnership hits the right nail on the head, the Pokemon Go might be spreading its wings to other countries as well with more sponsored locations.

The latest research by SurveyMonkey claims the app has already become the biggest mobile game in United States history when it comes to daily active users, breezing through competitors like and Candy Crush. Within three days of release, Pokemon GO left Twitter in the dust, attracting more users than the famed microblogging site we all love and use.

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo soared again Thursday, taking a week-long rally to 75 percent as investors ride the coattails of the Pokemon Go phenomenon sweeping the planet. Niantic, the app's developer, claimed that it is earning millions of dollars every day. Draw Something, which was released in 2012 captured the attention of mobile users for a few weeks before it was totally forgotten. Which probably explains all the people you see everywhere catching Pokemon like they're all starring in your very own version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Police have also experienced an increase in calls and reports about suspicious behaviour with users loitering outside private properties and driveways.

Nintendo climbed 15.89 percent to 25,300 yen ($240) Thursday, compared with the 14,380 yen close last Wednesday as the new smartphone game launched. Candy Crush which was reported to have a whopping 93 million users as its highest ever worldwide is been put back in the race of gaming by Pokemon Go which broke even Candy Crush's record.

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