Published: Fri, July 15, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Pokemon Go Officially Launched in Italy, Spain, and Portugal

As of 11 July, about 10.8% of all Android devices in the United States had installed the app, 15.1% in Australia and in 16% New Zealand., which provides access to the Pokémon Go app, had more than four million daily visitors on both 6 and 11 July.

Several websites, including torrent trackers, are targeted by these takedown requests, and although the APK is slowly being removed from a number of pages, it appears that websites that are specifically focused on serving APKs to users aren't yet involved in the global Pokemon Go APK crackdown.

Given the game's promising start, investors are taking another look at Nintendo Co., whose value has shot up by about ¥1.5 trillion since "Pokemon Go" was released on July 6 in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Players search the real world using satellite location to find Pokémon near them, and use augmented reality to see and capture them.

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The official statement given to IGN was signed by Chris Kramer, Vice President, fortyseven communications said, "The team is now heads down working on the game". The game was first released in Australia and New Zealand where it quickly gained popularity. Niantic now has eight corporate sponsors for Ingress globally, including SoftBank Group Corp (9984.T), and the number is likely to be similar for Pokemon GO, he said.

Analysts aren't sure how much "Pokemon Go" will boost Nintendo's profit margin, but they do say the game needs to earn well to have a major impact.

Gamers shouldn't be surprised by the server problems found while trying to play Pokemon Go, high demand over a short space of time is known as a normal problem that all online games face. Not only is the game not on Chinese app stores, but Google services are blocked in China. Measured by daily active users, it's the biggest mobile game ever in the US and people spend more time on it than on Facebook and Snapchat.

Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic, which is run by John Hanke, and it used to be a division of Google, until it was spun out in September of a year ago when Google created its Alphabet organization.

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