Published: Fri, July 15, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Pokemon Go is fixing their privacy concerns

Pokemon Go is fixing their privacy concerns

Shares in the Japanese company Nintendo have seen a stellar rise since the release of their augmented reality game Pokemon Go, gaining more than 50%.

Given the success of the app, gamer are bound to hear many stories that stoke suspicion both of the app and the players. It turns out that "ages" is a week, as the game was released on July 6. This year, Google Play downloads increased greater than the App Store's, but the App Store's revenues grew to become 90 percent higher than Google Play.

A St. Louis man is offering rides to "Pokemon Go" players so they can catch the elusive fictitious creatures.

People playing Pokemon Go accidentally interfered with a search for a mysterious man who'd fled from a Lincoln, Nebraska convenience store where a clerk was killed last week.

There is no doubt that Pokemon GO is pretty hot right now. This game has been the biggest jump in revenue since 1983 when it launched the video game console Nintendo Entertainment System aka the NES. It's not hard to see why a business in a metropolitan area would want to get in on the action. This helps trainers have an edge as the in-game currency allows them to buy Pokeballs, incense and other helpful items.

This week the folks at Niantic have updated Pokemon GO with several new features that'll affect gameplay.

To download the game, you need a direct link rather than searching through the Store, which you can get here.

"They were able to talk about a common subject and it broke all barriers between them", Detective Nelson Sousa told local television station WPRI.

In College Park, Maryland, university students holding their smartphones out to play Pokemon Go were robbed on Tuesday night by an armed suspect, police said.

It's fun and shows how augmented reality can be compelling, even on a small smartphone screen. Pokemon GO has already surpassed Tinder installs on Android in the U.S. Some say that the game is becoming more popular than Twitter and other social media apps in daily active users. Your phone's location is used to work out if you're close to a generated pokemon. The Pokemon gyms of Germany are already held by early bird gamers, so those who waited for the official release have some catching up to do!

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