Published: Thu, July 14, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Pokemon Go Finally Solved This BIG Security Issue

Pokemon Go Finally Solved This BIG Security Issue

This is making people who usually stay home and play games actually go out. Many of us at CNET are huge fans too, so a bunch of us wanted to start a chat with readers to talk about the game, favorite Pokemon caught so far, and any other interesting experiences you've had while playing.

When you opt to use your Google account as your Pokemon Go sign-in, the iOS version of the Nintendo-backed title automatically gains "full access to your Google account", meaning "the application can see and modify almost all information in your Google Account". We've also embedded the chat below so you can join in if you don't have an iPhone or just want the convenience of chatting in your Web browser.

This week US senator Al Franken issued an open letter to Niantic, Inc. chief John Hanke requesting answers to a litany of questions Franken has about what data the company's hit augmented-reality mobile game Pokémon Go is collecting from players - especially children.

Pokemon Company, which is a separate company from Nintendo, also owns a stake in Niantic, as does Google. Does Pokemon GO also share users' information with investors in Pokemon GO?

According to the New York Post, Evan Scribner, from Queens, didn't take the game's Global Positioning System logging into account when he made a decision to play the game while visiting an ex-girlfriend in Brooklyn. You move up levels, your Pokemon can evolve and you incubate he eggs you acquire pokestops so you get more Pokemon. The feature was active for a short while before it was turned off. Can you explain exactly which information collected by Pokemon GO is necessary for the provision or improvement of services?

"I was like I don't know about this, but I was playing a little more and it's got that addictive nature to it, you know", Montrow said.

Pokemon Go is set to receive bi-weekly updates in the future.

Smith said even if you don't have the app, but your friend does, and you are in their Google contacts, your privacy could be compromised.

"Everyone is playing this game right now", Sarah said. Gamers are spending twice the amount of time on Pokemon Go than they are on regular apps.

And Pokemon GO is just the beginning.

But, just as Snapchat faced hurdles over its early reputation as a sexting app, Pokemon Go will likely be forced to ensure the safety of players with registration and user-verification requirements, he said.

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