Published: Sun, July 17, 2016
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Pence Best Choice For Trump

Trump's pick was aimed in part at easing some Republicans' concerns about his temperament and lack of political experience. Pence won't hurt Trump too much and may help him with Republican politicians and some conservatives. "The American people are exhausted", Pence said.

Trump has no direct political experience.

The Republican National Convention kicks off on Monday, July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

As meandering as Trump's speech was, it was apparent that, in addition to Indiana's jobs and the economy, he was was looking to Pence to unify evangelicals, some of whom were set on Cruz, who has yet to endorse the real estate mogul and reality show host. In fact, social liberals will try to use Pence to tie Trump to the most conservative elements of the GOP. Just as Trump was settling on Pence, Republicans gathering in Cleveland essentially quelled the movement to oust Trump at the convention, all but assuring he'll be the GOP nominee.

He also softened his vocal opposition to Trump's call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States. After taking the advice of others, including his adult children, word was leaked that Trump had called Pence yesterday afternoon and made the offer.

He offered remarks introducing himself: "People who know me well know that I'm a pretty basic guy".

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager called Pence's social and economic conservative background "extreme". That was seen as providing a plus for Gregg and even giving Hillary Clinton a shot at taking IN away from the Republican electoral total for president.

That Republican also spoke on condition of anonymity, because the person was not authorised to publicly discuss the conversation.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who has endorsed but also frequently criticized Trump, praised Pence recently, saying that he would make a good pick as Vice President. Her campaign also seized on Trump's chaotic process for selecting and announcing his pick, painting him in a web video as "Always divisive".

Trump announced his selection Friday morning on Twitter and said there would be a news conference Saturday. Pence accepted and boarded a private plane, along with his wife.

A few hours later, a huge truck barreled through a crowded holiday celebration in Nice, France.

The billionaire businessman then went on Fox News to say he had not yet settled on his "final, final" choice.

By Friday, plans were back on track.

Pence withdraw his name from the IN governor's race Friday, which he had to do by noon for the state party to be able to put forth another nominee.

"Never waffled once he made his decision", Manafort wrote in an email.

The logo features a letter T for Trump penetrating the center of a P for Pence in blue, along with five red horizontal bars meant to symbolize the American flag.

Mr Trump praised his vice-presidential choice as man who had served "with distinction" in Congress equipped with "the skills of a highly talented executive".

After the meeting, Trump tweeted that he was "very impressed" with Pence.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence released a new logo for their 2016 campiagn Saturday.

Pence's re-election prospects in IN added to the drama surrounding Trump's decision.

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