Published: Thu, July 14, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Obama To Meet Police Chiefs After Shootings

Four days ago America's largest police union called on the Justice Department to treat the killing of the five Dallas officers as a hate crime while, which typically carries a stronger sentence. Obama flew to the Texas city on Tuesday to speak at a memorial service for the slain officers.

America's racial injustice problem will only be solved when each US citizen embraces the issues that are severely impacting black Americans, while still standing with our law enforcement when they are protecting and serving. Mike Edmonson were among the attendees at the White House meeting. This finding was echoed in a report released by Campaign Zero, a civil rights group that focuses on police brutality.

"We can't affect national narrative, we can't affect national legislation that comes down and affects local people if local people don't push back and take a stand about what's happening in local communities", Fuller said.

Rather than positing themselves as the heroes of the African American community in terms of demanding that white police officers treat them with the same respect and dignity that they treat others, the Black Lives Matter folks have revealed themselves as the died-in-the-wool racists as they are.

"Even the most optimistic assessment of what could happen doesn't leave anybody concluding that all the problems are going to be solved", he said.

Protesters said the change was an inside joke between police and activists, meant to be "playful".

He is calling on people to submit their stories and ideas to

The post now ends on a note of togetherness, echoing the healing rhetoric of police in other cities: "We should stand together in UNITY in hard times like this in our nation".

Mr Biden did not offer detail about the complaints, but said Mr Obama stressed how he has repeatedly voiced support for law enforcement and offered to send critics a list of when he has done so. He said he made the decision to allow the protests to block and area near 13th and I-135.

Afterwards Mr Biden told CNN that some had voiced concerns for the safety of their members.

He added: "I don't see what Black Lives Matter is doing for blacks other than isolating them".

"There are people who are participating in this meeting who have uttered public comments that have not been 100% supportive of what the President has said", White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday.

"It's going on all around the world, it's happening all around the world and right here in our home", Bobby Scott said.

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