Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Not a fan of Pokemon Go? Try Chardonnay Go

Not a fan of Pokemon Go? Try Chardonnay Go

"I'm not too much of a fan of Chardonnay". Or life in general.

Former Miss New Jersey victor and entertainer Dena Blizzard made a video called Chardonnay Go - parodying the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. Blizzard then bursts out her front door in search of the glasses, exclaiming that there's one right outside her home.

You can find the video here. Drinking and competing to win the prize of a tall, crisp glass of vino?

The video shows a fictional app where, instead of chasing after pocket monsters with a cellphone, moms can find glasses of white wine. She runs around the streets and hops in a auto to drive from glass to glass.

But unless you are a Snapchat teen or a 20-something with fond memories of original 1990's trading cards you probably won't have the patience to play the game for more than a few minutes.

What woman, especially mother, doesn't want an app tracking liquid gold on her behalf? Or just a regular day, but I digress. Sadly, this isn't a real app, but imagine if it was! I, for one, would consider giving up Mother's Day in your honor if you could make this app a reality.

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