Published: Fri, July 15, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

North Korea detains person it alleges is South Korean spy

South Koreans are going to great lengths to capture Clefairy.

IF YOU thought your Pokemon Go addiction was bad, you have nothing on the South Koreans leaving jobs and families to flock to a fishing village to play the game.

And Sokcho is welcoming the Pokemon craze, sharing maps of places to get free Wi-Fi so the game doesn't rely on data as well as advertising itself as the "only "Pokemon Go" holy land on the peninsula", on social media.

In spite of the restriction, the northeastern city of Sokcho, near the border with North Korea, became the only city where the game works because it happens to be outside of the mapping restriction zone.

He said he was later recruited by South Korea's spy service for a mission to abduct children from the North. It's based on Google Maps and you have to travel to real world locations to play the game.

The democracy has the fourth largest gaming market in the world, but the mobile game doesn't work in the country because Google Maps is blocked because of security concerns with the dictatorship to its north, with who it is technically still at war.

At a press conference, Ko accused South Korea's National Intelligence Service of plotting the whole case and the USA direct manipulation behind it.

The reason why the game only works there is a bit of a complicated story involving the game's developers and South Korean defence.

In early April, South Korea's Unification Ministry said a group of 13 DPRK people working in an overseas restaurant, including 12 waitresses and one manager, defected to South Korea.

"I realised more in here at this moment".

After sampling Pokemon Go with city officials, the mayor of Sokcho even wished prospective players happy hunting.

As the app is now only available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Japan, South Korean users are using VPNs to mask their location in order to catch 'em all.

South Korea is the world's fourth-biggest gaming market after China, the United States and Japan, according to Amsterdam-based research firm Newzoo, potentially representing a big opportunity loss for Nintendo and game publisher Niantic if it can not be officially rolled out.

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