Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
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NJ Police Department and Many Others Give Safety Tips For Pokemon Go

NJ Police Department and Many Others Give Safety Tips For Pokemon Go

The "augmented reality" game based on the 1990s Japanese franchise surged to the top of Apple Inc's app charts over the weekend. "It's not a new technology, but the Pokemon aspect of it is new".

In Vancouver, police have observed the game's colourful digital characters inside their own headquarters and have cautioned city residents over what they termed the "the Pokemon Go invasion". When will the nifty Pokemon GO peripheral arrive in your region?

"You now have a much safer area because you've got all these people in here doing something that's basically a fun legitimate easy going goal and it's going to displace in a lot of times a criminal from wanting to enter that area or to be there", says Diller.

Some Erie businesses are capitalizing on the popularity of the game to increase business.

Seemingly confirming this rumour Pokemon Go just got its official release in Germany today, launching on both Android and iOS. That way, you never have to stop playing! "The people I'm seeing are young adults. I have loved Pokemon ever since I was kid and it is so awesome to see the classic characters again". The app also requires constant Global Positioning System access, and it uses a lot of data.

Nintendo's original "Pokemon" game featured adventurous wanderings through a fantasy world to collect cute, imaginary monsters. "We felt like this was a unique way for our credit union to be a part of the action", said Trent Mason, chief marketing officer of Widget Financial.

Despite Tim Wilson's attempts of an intervention, many Pokemon Go addicts praised the game for forcing them to meet their neighbours. Many users sign in with a Google account, and that has caused some concerns about privacy. "Those terms of service are in virtually every other product or online service you use", Wheaton said. You will most likely also get a shoulder shrug and a head shake.

Others are concerned about the safety aspect of the game. "As soon as I found out about the Pokemon Go past year, I was back on the band wagon", said Nate Dykes.

Safety: Players should use the same safety precautions while playing the game that they would in any other outdoor setting, including caution in unusual locations.

South of the border, police in the US have cautioned players that trespassers could get arrested or worse, especially if they cross paths with an armed property owner. He said Erie police have not run into any incidents related to the game yet.

"Please do not look for Pokemon while driving". "It's risky. There are popular destinations for this game, and we are trying to make sure they are safe". Police Chief Shawn Butler says his injuries could've been worse because the impact of the crash almost sent the engine into the passenger compartment. You're not in a controlled environment. Are you going to crash into someone or something?

Fireworks were thrown from an SUV at a group playing the game after midnight on Monday on the streets of Boca Raton, Florida, police there said.

"All games teach us something, and there's some real learning that's going to take place soon", he said. The game, "Pokemon Go", has now hit Sulphur Springs and is taking the community by storm.

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However, if you're planning on playing Pokemon Go for the foreseeable future it might be worth creating a Pokemon Trainer Club membership. Why?

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