Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Newest GOP Platform Draft Accepts Trump's Wall

Newest GOP Platform Draft Accepts Trump's Wall

The 100-member Republican National Convention Committee on Resolutions met at the Huntington Convention Center on Monday to draft the party's platform, a process that often reveals opposition within the party.

Republican operatives opposed to Donald Trump have one of their last chances to derail his presidential nomination this week. Said Bradly Barker, a GOP alternate for Cruz.

One of the things in which Ryan disagreed with Trump, was the Trump's proposal of creating a deportation force to round up, arrest and deport approximately 11 million illegal immigrants.

The speaker had to defend Trump multiple times telling the audience that would speak up whenever he disagreed with something that didn't reflect the party's values, but also said the wishes of Republican voters had to be respected. This raises the possibility that the more LGBT-friendly or LGBT-neutral language favored by a minority of the Platform Committee - but thought to be more palatable to a wider audience of Republicans - could be put to a vote of the full convention.

Organizing calls led by Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, leader of Free The Delegates, described a coordinated plan to win enough supporters to rewrite the convention's very rules to Dump Trump.

"We're faced with what feels like a no-win situation if we go forward with Hillary and Donald Trump", said Wendy Day, who previously worked the campaign for Trump's rival Ted Cruz, and is headed to the convention as a Cruz delegate.

"I would like a conservative", Ryan said, adding that Trump was "new" to Republican politics and had been on the different sides of many political issues. Usually the nominee closes out the convention, so you can expect Donald Trump to speak on this night.

Bush is the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a presidential candidate whom Trump made a practice of eviscerating on the campaign trail.

But the Republican National Committee's general counsel argued Tuesday that delegates are obligated to follow elections results and can't change the rules. "Everybody is going to be out there working for Trump; everybody will be on the Trump train", said Hooper. "It is their decision because they run the party".

"I'm sure she'd lose", said Steve Duprey, a Republican national committeeman from New Hampshire who's on both rules committees and is opposing the rebellion. "Talking about our differences is what makes us great and to actually get through our differences through talking as professionals, adults, rationally, instead of as, like, bullies on the playground", Mendoza said.

"I would not be in favor of changing it. I think we need to leave it like it is and let the delegates vote as they were bound to do".

John Inhulsen, chairman of the Kent County GOP and a Kasich delegate, said he's going into the convention undecided but with an open mind.

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