Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

May pledges bold new future for Britain

Cameron said Britain "is much stronger" than it was when he first became Prime Minister in 2010 - highlighting his government's efforts to improve the economy, as well as flagship policies such as the national living wage, reforms to the adoption system and the legalisation of gay marriage.

The 12th PM during the Queen's reign, May succeeds David Cameron, who tendered his resignation to the monarch half an hour earlier.

Minutes later, May arrived at the palace, accompanied by her husband Philip.

May's former job of home secretary went to Amber Rudd.

Theresa May said her government would "forge a bold, new, positive role for ourselves in the world" after Brexit.

Speaking the same day Theresa May announced Boris Johnson as the UK's new foreign secretary, Schulz delivered some harsh words for the new prime minister and her government, saying they must break the country's "dangerous vicious circle" before it also impacts the EU.

While technically the prime minister resides at 10 Downing, David Cameron "and his family actually live next door in No. 11 as part of a residence swap with his neighbor, treasury chief George Osborne".

This meant fighting the "burning injustices" of discrimination and disadvantages faced by various sectors of society including women, ethnic minorities and the white working classes, she said.

He even poked fun at himself, reminding legislators of a barb he directed at then-Prime Minister Tony Blair more than a decade ago: "He was the future once".

Since the vote to leave the EU, Johnson had suffered widespread criticism and ridicule for failing to present a clear Brexit plan and swiftly dropping out of the prime ministerial race.

Hammond on Thursday said he would not submit an emergency budget in response to the Brexit decision, and would instead submit the budget in the fall, as is customary.

David Cameron has made his final appearance in parliament as Britain's leader, turning the normally raucous prime minister's questions session into a time for praise, thanks, gentle ribbing and cheers.

Schulz was alluding to Cameron's decision to call the June 23 referendum on Britain's European Union membership - in which people voted to leave - in order to settle a dispute with the eurosceptic wing of party.

May campaigned for the leadership as a safe pair of hands, after spending six years as home secretary, one of the toughest jobs in British politics.

"I don't detect Theresa May being an impulsive person", Travers said, according to CBS.

The Russian leader thanked Cameron for his cooperation when he was in charge of the government and expressed hope that his "vast political experience would be in demand in the future both in Great Britain and on the global level".

It's time, however, that European Union leaders do not want to offer.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also urged May not to prolong the start of the Brexit talks.

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