Published: Sat, July 09, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Lyft unveils Premier service to rival Uber Select

Lyft unveils Premier service to rival Uber Select

Specifically, Lyft says you can expect vehicles like the "BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Lexus ES or Cadillac Escalade".

Ah, but Lyft's program is not yet in Bakersfield.

Premier will cost a 2X premium over traditional service and rides will be available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. The company is also offering new users a 20% off for their first ten premier rides. We expect that as time moves on Lyft will eventually expand its Premier offering to other cities in the USA, but for now if you don't live in either of those three areas we guess you'd be out of luck. However, when I plugged in a fare estimate for a trip from Daly City, CA to South San Francisco, the Premier fare estimate is $36 Dollars, whereas the Plus estimate is $25 and the Lyft estimate is $16.

Drivers with a good track record with Lyft and who can purchase a high-end vehicle can join the luxury service. Lyft will also be able to take advantage of far higher margins on the new rides.

Lyft has been aggressively partnering with companies like Apple to transport employees.

For one, commuters won't have to wait - for as long as they claim to do for Uber's high-end ride - if they opt for Lyft's new luxury line. This is not the company's first venture with luxury rides, as it had tried it in the past as well. Up to six passengers could fit in an SUV.

According to the company, a major factor for launching the program was because 60% of its riders wanted to ride on a luxurious vehicle.

Lyft is aiming to synchronize the booking of Premier rides efficiently, the same way it did for its traditional service in May, when it came out with scheduled rides.

The option saves drivers from sitting idle and forgoing an opportunity to earn extra.

Not only does Uber's partnership with Spotify allow you to stream to a ride's stereo, but some Uber drivers will even pass the 3.5mm aux cable to passengers that don't use Spotify.

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