Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Here's What Mewtwo Looks Like in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is expected to undergo a major update that will let users trade their hard-collected Pokemon with friends and strangers. While trading was shown in the game's first trailer, the game launched without the feature. As a result, they are able to start playing the game already.

Free coins are in-game currency that can be used to buy various items like potions, PokeBalls and other items. After the prestige of the gym hits zero, the attacking player can take control of the gym and choose a Pokemon to defend it.

As the game is still technically in a soft launch phase (it is officially only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand), we believe that the current iteration of the game only scratches the surface of what we can expect with Pokemon Go moving forward.

The game is now available only in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

However, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the game is likely to reach Europe and Asia in a few days.

A chart that shows Pokemon Go nearly surpassing Twitter in terms of daily active users.

It all seems a little silly, but it's not only fun, it's an inventive use of augmented reality that has significant business impact not just for Nintendo, but for any company making iPhone and Android games.

The best part? You can also join in and upload your own photographs of the gyms and PokeStops so others can see what is on offer in the area.

The game has already led a 19-year-old girl in Wyoming to discover a dead body floating in a river.

The source showcases some screenshots that marks some permissions that "Pokemon Go" players should be wary of. Authorities wondered for a while whether the teens somehow lured players to the site, but it appears the teens simply sought out a Pokestop where they could find players.Sgt. Phil Hardin of the O'Fallon Police Department said officers spotted the suspects in a black BMW near a gas station Sunday after there were reports of robberies.

However, after signing in using a Google account, the game app does not notify the user about the type of data the game is accessing from his Google account.

To play the game, after launching it, you need to start trekking to prominent local landmarks (based on your neighbourhood) - represented in the game as "Pokestops".

That's all adding to the craze however, as people are relentlessly roaming around hoping to find something odd or amusing to post on social media, which is attracting more and more players and creating popularity we haven't seen since the good ol' days of Flappy Bird (remember that?).

Yes, as long as players are constantly aware of their surroundings as they hunt for the creatures.

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