Published: Fri, July 15, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Ginsburg apologizes for "ill-advised" criticism of Trump

"Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me".

He and other Republicans called on her to resign.

I cant imagine what this place would be - I can't imagine what the country would be - with Donald Trump as our president. Justice Ginsburg has every right to be concerned, as does anyone who cares about this country. In the ordinary course of the cases involving a hypothetical Trump Administration that could reach the Supreme Court, the fact that Ginsburg said what she did doesn't strike me as grounds for recusal notwithstanding the fact that she did come close to violating the spirit, and perhaps the letter, of two of the Canons meant to govern the conduct of Federal Court Judges.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg happens to be one of my heroes.

"When she and [her late husband Martin Ginsburg] were first starting out, they didn't have much money so they rented an Albers from the MoMA art rental program", said Nicholas Fox Weber, executive director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, during a press event this morning. That is why her retraction, while welcome, won't entirely erase the harm done to her reputation and, by extension, the reputation of a supposed-independent judiciary. She fought for equality in the judicial system. It doesn't technically apply to the Supreme Court because, after all, who would enforce it? There was my hero, fighting for a murderer? His campaign has said that it will unveil a running mate for Trump in NY on Friday.

But what if the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump election makes it to the Supreme Court?

Ginsburg herself would decide whether she could take part. Trump said in a post on Twitter. Justices vote. They have views. "I think I made a friend". "In nine years I've never seen any sort of political issue like that arise between us". I disagree. Unlike her feisty rulings and dissents, where she has forcefully defended her values, this kind of political statement is unlikely to do more than feed into Trump's well-honed air of grievance and allow Republicans in Congress to stomp and complain and ignore their own intransigence in refusing to consider President Obama's nomination to fill the empty seat. He shouldn't win: As even conservative columnist George Will has recognized, the man is unfit in every way - experience, knowledge, temperament and restraint - to be president. The politics of fear and anger can bring about utterly unacceptable results, as the British are learning painfully, as the pound falls in value. Somebody whose mind is shot should quit: him.

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