Published: Sat, July 16, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Fox's Ailes Wants Gretchen Carlson Harassment Case Moved to N.Y

Fox's Ailes Wants Gretchen Carlson Harassment Case Moved to N.Y

Roger Ailes has filed court papers attempting to move the sexual harassment lawsuit with former host Gretchen Carlson from public court in New Jersey to private arbitration in NY.

Fox News Channel Host Gretchen Carlson speaks onstage during a "Fireside Chat on Persecuted" at Variety's Purpose: The Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit in association with Rogers And Cowan at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on June 12, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

Carlson sued Ailes, Fox News Channel's chairman, on July 6, claiming she was sacked last month for refusing his sexual advances and complaining about his conduct.

The parent company of Fox News, 21st Century Fox Inc, has expressed "full confidence" in Ailes.

In Friday's petition to the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Ailes maintained that Carlson's contract with Fox News required her to arbitrate employment disputes in New York City, where she worked.

"Her attempt to game the system so as to avoid the arbitration clause for her client's baseless allegations is contrary to law and unsupported by the facts", Susan Estrich, a lawyer for Ailes, said in a statement, referring to Carlson's attorney.

"After invoking jurisdiction of the New Jersey federal court and filing a motion there, Mr. Ailes decided that he doesn't like the judge assigned to this case and he illegally is attempting to judge shop by now seeking to move the lawsuit to another jurisdiction", Smith says in the statement.

Earlier this month Ailes filed to have the lawsuit moved out of Superior Court to federal court in Newark, arguing that federal court is proper because he and Carlson live in different states.

Attorneys for Fox News CEO Roger Ailes have filed a motion for Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit to be moved to an arbitration panel in Manhattan. She said her resistance led to Fox not renewing her contract; Fox said it was unhappy with her ratings. In a statement, Ailes has called her charges false and said they came in retaliation for her contact with Fox News not being renewed.

"He has materially breached that clause by causing documents and other information about this matter to be publicly disseminated in an attempt to smear Ms. Carlson", Smith writes, pointing specifically to a collection of handwritten notes from Carlson to Ailes that were released by the network. She said that she had had six to 10 meetings with Ailes during her time at Fox, to discuss his "continuous" sexist language. "We feel confident that the law will not allow such maneuvering". "What we filed today renders these papers completely moot".

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