Published: Sun, July 17, 2016
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Forecasters Consider If Tornado Hit New Jersey

Forecasters Consider If Tornado Hit New Jersey

Among the thousands of New Jersey residents affected by Thursday's severe weather was Gov. Chris Christie himself. It was disgusting. New Jersey needs a lot of work. A claim Christie denied, but come on.

Jamie Fox, a former lobbyist for United who Christie later named to a Cabinet post, was charged by federal prosecutors with soliciting the bribe.

Chris Christie really, really, really wanted to be Donald Trump's vice presidential nominee. That night, storms knocked down trees in front of Christie's Mendham home, leaving his family without power. When asked if they had power, Christie shook his head no and gave a thumbs down.

One of Trump's closest confidants, Christie is one of his party's most effective attack dogs and a talented retail campaigner, and has proven to be a crowd-pleaser on the trail.

A move that effectively threw Christie under the Trump train. A year later, Superstorm Sandy devastated the shore, and Christie served as the state's consoler-in-chief, telling a young girl that the grown-ups would make things right, hugging people who lost their homes and becoming a fixture on TV broadcasts. For now, his top office remains the one he holds as governor of New Jersey. And, lately, a quiet political operative who's become an expert on Trump's unusual presidential campaign operation - something few on the outside understand.

But even without an announcement in his backyard, Christie has suffered embarrassment at the hands of Trump.

But on Monday, Christie was auditioning as Trump's running mate in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a much more serious tone. After a disappointing finish in the New Hampshire primary, he backed out of the crowded GOP field and quickly backed Trump.

Gingrich said earlier this month he was being vetted for the VP spot, and appeared with Trump at a campaign rally in Cincinnati.

Christie became an attorney and then a partner in a law firm before he was appointed a US attorney for the District of New Jersey.

Christie was the first major establishment Republican to endorse Trump and did him a YUGE favor by sacrificing his own political capital in taking out Sen.

"It's death by humiliation", Roginsky said.

On Friday, Christie's office declined to offer a statement on Pence. Christie said. "Of course it bothers you a little bit".

Many speculated that Christie had his eyes on vice president.

The trial in the bridge case is scheduled to begin in September, and defense lawyers have promised to savage him and show that he knew about the lane closings, despite his protestations and "tell it like it is" slogans.

David Samson, a former appointee and longtime ally of Mr. Christie, pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal bribery charge.

Republicans largely rooted for Trump to pick Pence as his running mate.

"Given the significant obstacles in his way, it's awesome that he got as far as he did and I'm happy for him", Mr. Kyrillos said. The most recent two, last month, put his approval at 26 percent.

But his constituents are less and less patient with him.

"I can't imagine, given where the state of public opinion is now, that there's anything he can do to make things better", said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. "He'll take anything, as is kind of obvious".

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