Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Do Not Treat Britain as 'Deserter' for Leaving Bloc

David Cameron chaired his final cabinet meeting on Tuesday after six years as Britain s prime minister, with incoming premier Theresa May preparing to form a new government to deliver Brexit.

Cameron resigned after Britons voted June 23 - against his advice - to leave the European Union.

Her leadership means a faster pace to Brexit and the triggering of Article 50, but faster is a relative term.

Mr Grayling declined to say whether he was expecting Mrs May to reward him with a senior Cabinet post, telling the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "I will do whatever - if anything - she asks me to do".

Meanwhile, European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker's spokesman said the European Commission chief "can cope" with negotiations with May, who has warned he was about to find out how "difficult" she can be.

On a visit to the headquarters of the governing centre-right Conservative Party she now leads, May issued an appeal for unity to push through Britain s exit from the EU.

He said Mrs May would have his "full support", describing her as "strong", "competent" and "more than able to provide the leadership" the country needs.

The next scheduled general election is set to be held in 2020, but Parliament has the power to schedule an earlier vote.

"Let us redouble our efforts".

Mr Cameron, who announced his decision to resign after the historic Brexit vote last month, told reporters on Monday that he was "delighted we are not going to have a prolonged conservative leadership election campaign".

By GCR Staff0 CommentsSenior figures in the United Kingdom construction industry have welcomed the news that Theresa May, former United Kingdom home secretary, will become the new prime minister tomorrow following yesterday's shock withdrawal of her rival, Andrea Leadsom, from the Conservative Party leadership race.

It seems likely that Britain's new PM will attempt to "steady the ship", securing Britain's relationship with the EU.

May, a known Euroskeptic who nonetheless backed the Remain campaign, may be an unlikely candidate to lead Britain through the divorce with Europe, but she enjoys broad party support.

After taking part in his last weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) in parliament's House of Commons at lunchtime, Cameron will make his way to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation to Queen Elizabeth.

But he cautioned that the party's small parliamentary majority would not make the task "easy".

Theresa May, who will be formally confirmed as Britain's 76th Prime Minister on Wednesday, is the daughter of a Church of England vicar and has been often compared with Margaret Thatcher.

The government must now get on with its job and inspire confidence. She was set to spend the day considering the makeup of her own cabinet before she moves into 10 Downing St. on Wednesday.

Removal men arrived at Downing Street in a blue van and began unpacking boxes.

On the markets, the pound rebounded against the dollar, shooting back above $1.30 on the political developments - although it pushed London s FTSE 100 share index slightly down compared to Tuesday s opening level.

The party s rules are ambiguous, but lawyers for one NEC member have threatened an immediate High Court injunction if Corbyn is not automatically put on the ballot.

Eagle urged Corbyn to "get control" of his supporters after a brick was hurled through her office window.

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