Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Denver Sanders supporter now on the Trump train

When Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Tuesday, he cleared the way for a Clinton-Donald Trump race in November.

Sanders told the crowd the next job is to see that same platform implemented by a Democratic House and Senate, and a Clinton White House.

However, the subtext of this moment, which includes Sanders own acrimonious opposition to Clinton as a tool of Wall Street interests and criticism of her qualifications, is far more amusing than the actual speech, and in this election cycle, amusing is the candidate America truly needs.

Several Sanders supporters left the room as Clinton began speaking, while another turned her back for the entire speech.

Sanders highlighted Clinton's stances on expanding health care coverage and increasing sustainable energy sources. It's not just about getting Elizabeth Warren on stage and all these progressive leaders on stage, including Bernie Sanders.

Sanders convention delegate Diane Russell added "I think when we saw Hillary Clinton's speech that's where the real magic was because you could actually hear Bernie's words coming out of her mouth".

After the rally, Clinton is expected in the city for a Broadway fundraiser performance of "Hamilton".

"She knows that it is absurd that middle-class Americans are paying an effective tax rate higher than hedge-fund millionaires", Sanders said.

For the #BernieOrBust contingent, Clinton has come to represent the same 1 percent of "millionaires and billionaires" Sanders has railed against throughout his primary campaign. Trump also released a web ad featuring Sanders' past criticism of Clinton.

"I would say that his endorsement and talking to my family and friends are going to go a long way in deciding my vote", said Jennifer Chamberlin, a founder of the grass-roots group Kitsap Loves Bernie, who hasn't decided yet how she'll vote.

While Finger says he will support Clinton when he goes to the polls, he is anxious for what other Bernie supporters will choose.

The joint appearance concluded weeks of negotiations between the two camps as Sanders pressed for concessions from Clinton on his liberal policy agenda.

To get today's embrace, Clinton agreed to push Sanders proposals like free public college and a public option for healthcare.

A number of prominent Republicans are skipping the party's convention in Cleveland next week.

"I can't help but reflect on how much more enjoyable this election will be now that we are on the same side", Clinton said of Sanders.

"Donald Trump, like most Republicans, sadly and tragically is choosing to reject science, something no presidential candidate should ever do".

Regardless of who is the Democratic nominee, Sanders' supporters can continue influencing the Democratic Party going forward by remaining engaged locally, said Patrick Belt, a 33-year-old Sanders supporter from Gig Harbor who is serving as a Democratic precinct committee officer for the first time.

"They should trust Senator Sanders and the decision he made and respect that".

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