Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Clinton extends lead over Trump to 13 points: Reuters/Ipsos

This is Trump's first campaign stop in Chicago since March, when a scheduled rally at the UIC Pavilion was canceled minutes before it started because of violent protests and clashes between demonstrators and supporters of trump.

Throughout the primaries, Trump's campaign was marked by racial tensions and spasms of violence both inside his events and in the streets.

As the top federal law enforcement official in New Jersey for most of George W. Bush's presidency, Christie became known as a corruption-buster who won the convictions of more than 130 public officials, including two formerly powerful state senators. "We can not afford to have America have its commander in chief be someone who espouses hatred, divisiveness and who wants to separate people", Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia said.

Let's consider the demographic time bomb poised to explode in the hands of the party now led by Donald TrumpDonald TrumpPaul Ryan pans Trump's deportation plan Reports: Trump running mate revealed Friday Ryan scolds Ginsburg over Trump criticism MORE. "I look forward to joining him there and if he wants me to bring a few words, I'd be happy to", said Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Rachel Hoff, a delegate from the District of Columbia and the first openly gay person to sit on the platform committee, frequently spoke up throughout the debate on various platform planks, urging the party a more welcoming or at least neutral stance by acknowledging that Republicans are divided in their opinions on some LGBT issues.

Priebus said he was pleased that Trump has been more subdued in recent weeks, but acknowledged that Trump will never be able to fully part ways with occasional bursts of bombast.

"He loves the rallies and he loves talking to his bases and that's something that he appreciates and I think he's very loyal to the people who got him there", Priebus said.

The speaker has frequently been drawn into the center of controversy during the presidential campaign, sometimes scolding Trump or simply keeping his distance while also encouraging the party to support Trump to avoid a Clinton win in November.

"The judge was very clear about not speaking to what the Republican Party had to do". In Wisconsin, longtime Republican activist Michael Grebe, a close ally of Gov. Scott Walker and political mentor to House Speaker Paul Ryan, also withdrew over opposition to Trump.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton extended her lead over Republican rival Donald Trump to 13 percentage points in a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday, up from 10 points at the end of last week. It includes a proposal to break up big banks, a $15 an hour minimum wage and the decriminalization of marijuana. "This election is about Donald Trump", he said. Can you find me another example of that? They have even attempted to peel off support from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by claiming she is not tough enough on radical Islam, which, they argue, poses a threat to the LGBT community's existence. Trump has insisted Mexico will pick up the cost; Mexico's president reiterated this week it will not. Many Illinois Republicans, particularly those from the moderate wing of the party, have not endorsed Trump. In fact, the governor and Sen.

What would the Republican National Committee do if a black man running for president had angrily described women as fat slobs and bimbos and labeled Hispanic immigrants as rapists and murderers?

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