Published: Tue, July 12, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Cameron: Theresa May to become PM by Wednesday

Cameron will attend the House of Commons for Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday and then go to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II and recommend May as his successor.

Theresa May is set to become the new prime minister of England after it was announced today by the Conservative Party's 1922 committee that May had been appointed as their new leader, as reported by the BBC.

As senior MP Angela Eagle formally launched her leadership challenge against Corbyn, Labour suggested a general election would need to be held soon after May takes office.

In this image from TV, Andrea Leadsom, one of two candidates to become leader of the Conservative Party, reads a statement to announce her withdrawal from the race, in London, Monday July 11, 2016.

She also moved to reassure Eurosceptic Tories that "Brexit means Brexit" and that she will pull the country out of the European Union despite being a Remain supporter during the European Union referendum campaign.

He said a "prolonged period of transition" was not necessary, and added: "So tomorrow I will chair my last cabinet meeting".

"As someone who has also received death threats this week and previously, I am calling on all Labour Party members and supporters to act with calm and treat each other with respect and dignity, even where there is disagreement", Corbyn said. According to an official spokeswoman for the Prime Minister, Cameron argued that the renewal of Trident was "ultimate insurance to protect from future threats into the 2030s, 40s and 50s". She is poised to take office by Wednesday night, having previously thought she had until the end of the leadership election on September 9 to calibrate her plans.

Prior to Leadsom's withdrawal, May gave a speech in which she promised not to undo Britain's referendum decision to leave the European Union and to make Britain a country that will work for everyone.

"The need of course to negotiate the best deal for Britain in leaving the European Union, and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world".

He then offered May his support, saying that she was the right person to lead the United Kingdom through the hard times.

Number 10's cat was introduced to catch vermin and there was speculation he'd leave with the outgoing Prime Minister.

Cameron was supposed to remain until October thanks to last month's Brexit vote, but Cameron says 'why wait?'

Mrs May posed for photos as she arrived at 10 Downing Street in her trademark kitten heels on the day before she moves into the famous address as the UK's second female PM.

Two of the leading Brexiteers, former London Mayor Boris Johnson and Justice Secretary Michael Gove, were briefly Conservative leadership contenders, and May could show magnanimity by putting them in her Cabinet.

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