Published: Wed, July 13, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Britain has a new woman PM - but Brexit's still happening

Britain has a new woman PM - but Brexit's still happening

The Home Secretary paid tribute to the Prime Minister's handling of the terror threat and said he had always put the country first.

The pound has rallied against the dollar in the wake of the news that May would become prime minister, bringing a measure of political stability sooner than expected. She is one of the longest serving Home Secretaries in history.

Once May was lined up as the Conservative Party's next leader, Cameron told reporters in London that there was no need for him to stay on until the fall.

"Not least, she has failed to crackdown on Asian paedophile gangs in the Midlands. It has been a privilege to serve the country I love".

The British Democrats added that May would continue to embrace the tenets of political correctness, which has "so successfully combined with globalist economic policies to undermine Western civilization".

European leaders have asked the government to move quickly to renegotiate its relationship with the EU but Ms May has indicated she will not be rushed into triggering the formal procedure for Brexit.

In an abrupt ending to the Conservative Party leadership race, beginning with the resignation of David Cameron after the country voted Brexit and the surprise side step from Boris Johnson, Mrs May is set to take over on Wednesday (July 12). Cameron led the campaign to remain with the 28-nation EU.

In the interim period, the United Kingdom will not have a Prime Minister at all.

So who is the new prime minster?

Britain has a new woman PM - but Brexit's still happening

The brutal swiftness of British politics was on display Tuesday as moving vans pulled up to take David Cameron's possessions away from 10 Downing Street and his successor posed for photos in front of her new home. In her statement yesterday, she went on to say "There will be no attempts to remain inside the EU".

Britain's new prime minister will swiftly begin drawing up her new top team and is expected to increase the number of women in government.

May and Leadsom had been due to contest a ballot of grassroots Conservative party members, with the result to be declared by September 9. Some describe her as an Ice Queen - a description also used for Thatcher.

These two could be candidates for the key job of Brexit Minister, negotiating the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, though former leadership rival Mrs Leadsom could also be a candidate for this post.

In a speech early on Monday in the central city of Birmingham, May said there could be no second referendum and no attempt to rejoin the European Union by the back door.

He spoke of his "pride at the record of achievements for the Government", and wished Mrs May "the support and friendship he had received" said he believed she was the right leader for the "difficult times ahead". But she's also built a following among women in the Tory Party, who, according to The Guardian, have respect and admiration for her morally guided decisions.

Mr Cameron, too, had never held a Cabinet position before becoming prime minister, although he had been a special adviser to Norman Lamont while he had been chancellor.

Mr Trickett, Labour's general election co-ordinator and an ally of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said it was "crucial" to have a "democratically elected prime minister" and said he was putting the party on "general election footing".

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