Published: Tue, July 19, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Black Lives Matter March in Rockford also Protests Police Killings

"Even with the crime and violence happening in the cities, it's not the whole population it's a small percentage of these young folks, just as it's a small percentage of the police officers", Hudson said.

Our crews were there as members of the Tri-Cities Black Lives Matter movement, like Brianne Murray, said they were coming together for a common cause.

"Where do I begin?" Instead, the White House proactively defended the revolutionary group in the most unfitting of contexts: the eulogies for fallen police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Monday on CNN's "New Day", Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson dismissed the relevance of the "All Lives Matter" phraseology as it pertains to the Black Lives Matter movement. Both attacks have come amid renewed tensions between police and the black community.

Organizers of the Black Lives Matter march said the police stationed cars at the beginning and end of the parade route. "We just want our community to come together and make sure that we are uplifted and we stay together and we standing together as a community". Their so-called support to Black communities still remains to be only verbal. It's in every race. The response acknowledged that it is a "difficult time" in America, but since "The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations", and the United States government doesn't "generate a list of domestic terror organizations....we are not able to address the formal request of your petition".

Mckesson also had a message for those who believe that the "black lives matter" slogan should be replaced with "all lives matter". "Everybody's life is important".

"Everybody is free to say what you want to say up to a point", Trump said.

"The march, that started and ended at Beattie Park and went through downtown Rockford, echoed around the justice building".

Chief Andy Robinson was one of several local officials present on the stage during the presentation. Avoiding the truth through wordsmithing - the false narrative of the lone-wolf - is contemptible as more innocent officers perish while our politicians hem and haw.

Change Nicholas Prejean said change can't happen until we unify as a nation. "He also commands to love thy neighbor as thyself, which some do and we all should".

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